Rhiannon & Mike

Thank you for our photos. We can’t stop looking at them, they are amazing.

You’ve captured the day perfectly and we are really happy with all the suprising pictures that neither of us knew you had taken.
We honestly can’t remember you being stood anywhere near us for some of the pictures. I really love the one of the bouquet that you took where it shows the ‘R’ This means very much to me as it was off a necklace my uncle gave me when I was a bridesmaid for him when I was 4.

We also wanted a really nice picture of our rings in the boxes but forgot about it before the wedding so it was a nice suprise to see that you had thought of this and taken one.

You made us both feel at ease from start to finish (and for two people who really don’t like having their photos taken that’s not an easy thing to do)

Just looking at the photos we can relive the day and we couldn’t wish for anything better.