Here you will find the most common questions that I’ve been asked so far.

If you have anything to ask, feel free to contact me.

Where are you located?

I am based in beautiful Zakynthos, the Flower of the East (Fior di Levante) as it is called by Italians

Do you travel abroad for weddings?

Yes, I do!
I basically love it and I go wherever my clients request my services.
It's a pleasure to travel for my job.

What does this job mean for you?

The answer is very simple, yet very complex: Everything!

It is amazing to wake up every morning with a smile. To make a coffee (yes, its an addiction), the last check at your gear and getting out to capture the moments of this world and make a compelling story.

I simply love what we do.

Do you shoot weddings only?

Photography / Filmmaking does not have only one field. (at least, as I see it)
I offer coverage for weddings (religious and civil) as well as for sessions like save the date, proposals, elopement, engagement, renewal of vows, christenings, family photos and more, like real estate (houses, villas, hotels), fashion sessions and commercial sessions.

Do you offer services to companies/freelancers/brands?

Yes. Among my satisfied clients, there are brands like Acrobat fashion, freelancers, companies and travel agencies like Fidelity Travel, Ionian Weddings, TUI, Destination Services, Thomas Cook, 7islands, Olympic, B4U.

How to get in touch with you?

It is very important for me to know you. Preferably to meet in person and tell me more about your important day, over a cup of coffee.

If this is difficult due to distance, then we can get in touch through Skype (the most preferable ), phone call, Messenger, WhatsApp and Viber (I love technology!). But, I still am a lover of old-fashioned ways so you can send me a letter if you prefer :)

How to know if you are available on our wedding day?

You can send me an e-mail at info@frameverse.com or fill in the form at the website's contact area. I will check the availability and answer to your message in the next 48 hours.

What about the group photos, can you take them?

Normally, I arrange a 20-minute session, for family & friends to have photos with you. It is the best way to honour their presence at your wedding and give them beautiful memories.

How long does your service last?

My package services start from 2-hour coverage up to 12-hour: it's on you to decide how long would you like me to be with you, framing moments. As long as I'm with you I will capture as much beautiful, important, special moments as possible.

Can we book a longer service?

Yes, you can. Let's have a talk about it to better understand your needs and what you desire.

Do you print photos?

I print your memories in my trusted studio. Do you prefer albums or canvas? Let's talk about it.

How many photos do you deliver?

For the full day package, I will deliver around to 600 photos - the number of photos varies on each package - in Full HD resolution.

I provide you with a link that leads to a private page, (pixieset.com) where you will find your photo gallery to see and/or download on the spot your photos, in Full resolution as well as in web resolution, to share them through any platform like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Furthermore, I provide you with a link to download the tailor-made Mobile application that I built for you and have your fond memories always with you.

Are all the photos post-produced?

Yes, they are. It's a very crucial stage of the workflow and this is the stage where the photos are coming to life. It needs care, time and passion. I select the photos of the day with the utmost care and show you the best of them.

Do we have to include the photo book as soon as we book you?

You can decide it any time you like. There will be no fare charge from me but the supplier’s prices might change.

How do you deliver the videos?

I provide you with a secure link that leads to a private page,(mediazilla.com) where you will find your wedding videos. They come with an interactive (DVD like) menu, tailor-made for you in Full HD resolution (1920*1080), that you can download and/or share with your dear guests and friends.

How can we reserve your services?

Some couples book my services, 18 months or more in advance. A deposit of 25% of the total value of the service is necessary in order to secure the date. I do not accept bank checks. You'll find the methods of payment in the contract: 25% at the reservation, 60% one week prior to the event, and the rest 15% upon delivery.

Can we hold a date on stand-by?

No, you can’t hold it. But as soon as I receive another request for the same day I will update and inform you. In this specific case, the first to sign the contract and pay the deposit will receive the service.

How can we feel protected about your service?

I will send you a contract with all the specifications within the terms of the law. The details of the services you chose, payment and delivery terms will be clear, as well as cancellation terms in accordance with the law.