About us


Hello, I'm Menelaos.
Photography for me was always a dear hobby (thanks Dad for letting me "play" with your cameras!).
Filmmaking came later to my life and I love it.
Some years now I achieved something incredible. I made my hobby a full-time job!
Actually is not a job in my eyes, but my passion, my love.
I almost always carry my camera with me. When I'm not, I hold a cup of coffee.

In my free time, I like to go out running, watching movies, cooking (ok, not as good as Valentina), reading - friends call me ''voracious reader'', honing my skills and going for long rides with my motorbike.

Ciao! It's Valentina here and now comes the hardest part... the time when the guy up here asks me to write something about myself. I've never been good with words, I've always preferred a pencil to draw and a camera to take photos to give shape to my thoughts. So be patient and let's start!
For certain things I'm the complete opposite of Menelaos: I cannot watch a movie without falling asleep or read a full page of a book if it is night time, my desk is a total mess (but ask me for something and I'll find it right away)...

I like very much to cook (I'm Italian after all). I love flowers and plants, our house is like a glasshouse. I cannot stay a sole day without music. In my experiences bucket list, you’ll find “To hug a Gorilla”.

About photos (I know you were waiting to read about it) ... The time my father allowed me to take a photo with his analogic Nikon, I felt like a kid receiving the most awaited Christmas gift. I hope one day someone might find in an old box my photos and wonder about what my eyes were seeing at that moment and what my heart was feeling.

Last but not least I think that a smile can make someone's day!