The man behind Frameverse productions

Photography for me was always a dear hobby. Well.. curiosity for my dad's cameras made me a shutterbug! (thanks Dad for letting me "play" with your cameras!)

As the years passed by, I was felling in love more and more with photography. I worked for some years as a second photographer and I got introduced to weddings.
Videography came a bit later to my life and it has changed further the way of how I tell a story.
As I was building my aesthetic, I started seeing a different approach to what I love to do and I wanted it even more!
Some years now I decided to become a full-time photographer/videographer. I create Frameverse Productions and my client's feedback agrees that it was the right thing to do!
Thank you for the love that you show me!

My approach is non-intrusive. Instead of staging the photos or bossing the couple to take poses, I know where to be at the right time, to capture the moment with all of its emotions.
Though everybody knows that there is a photographer/videographer at the spot, they cannot remember where I was when the shot was taken.
When it comes to portraits, some hints or some jokes bring forward genuine smiles.
The only time that I direct the shot and offer my advice is when it comes to group photos.

The majority of my clients didn't feel comfortable in front of a camera and they were thinking that they were not photogenic at all.
I proved them wrong by offering them an amazing experience in front of the camera!
It is not strange to me to receive a hug from the couple and thank me for the experience before even seeing the photos/videos.
The completion of the experience for the couple comes when they look at the completed work. It is wonderful to see the enjoyment in their eyes!