Frequently asked questions

During our experience of work as photographers and filmmaker, we’ve heard our customers asking many similar questions. Find here the most frequently asked one.

  • What services do you offer?

Photos and videos. We are specialized in the coverage of weddings (religious and civil) but we also offer coverage in: save the date; proposals, elopement, engagement, renewal of vows, christening, real estate (houses, villas, hotels,…), family photos and capturing any moment, person or thing that is special to you.

  • What is the peculiarity of your photo shoots and videos? 

‘Capturing life’s moments’
Through our cameras, we tell and weave a different story for every one of you, because every wedding, moment and person is special and unique. With our photos and videos, we want to give you back that special atmosphere and emotions you felt on Your day.

  • Where can we find a price list?

Send us an email, within 24 hours we will send you our price list and services. We will be happy to answer to any of your questions or doubts

  • How to get in touch with you?

Through Skype, phone call, Messenger, WhatsApp and Viber (we love technology!).If you prefer to meet us and tell us more about your important day, accordingly to the season we can arrange an appointment in Greece or Italy. But, we still do be lovers of old-fashioned ways so you can send us a letter if you prefer 🙂

  • How to know if you are available on our wedding day?

You can send us an e-mail at or chat with us via Messenger or fill in the form in the website’s contact area. We will check the availability and answer to your message as soon as possible.

  • It’s our wedding day: do we have to do something in particular?

Yes! Just one thing: be calm, and enjoy the day.
Everything is under control.
Have fun with your beloved ones and take the best of every single moment. You will not see us roaming around you but, don’t worry, we are there to freeze and collect every single memory of the day.  Accordingly, to your requests and what agreed with us, we will ask you to spend some moments with us to take pictures of you only.

  • What about the group photos, can you take them?

If it’s your wish of course, yes! It will be our pleasure to frame you together with people you chose to be present on your special day. We’ll be glad to help you to choose the best time (moments, light conditions,…) and place (background) to give you the finest quality for your memories.

  • How long does your service last and how many pictures do you take?

Our package services start from 2-hour coverage up to 12-hour: it’s on you to decide how long would you like us to be with you framing moments. As long as we are with you we will take photos in order to capture as much beautiful, important, special moments as possible.

  • Can we book a longer service?

Yes, you can. Let’s have a talk about it to better understand your needs and what you desire.

  • How do you select the pictures? Can we do it with you?

We select the pictures of the day with the utmost care and show you the best of them. After the selection, we will send you the first package of photos in low resolution (a small watermark will be on them) via WeTransfer and you will choose the photos you like most and the ones that best represent your day

  • How do we get the photos?

After sending you the first package (see the question above), we will send you a USB stick with high-resolution copies. You’ll be able to print them as you like at any print shop.

  • Can you print the photos?

Yes, we can do it! We print your memories in our trusted studio. Do you prefer albums or canvas? Let’s have a talk about it.

  • How many pictures do you deliver?

Accordingly, to the package you will choose, we will deliver: 600 pictures for a 12-hour coverage, 250 for a 6-hour coverage and 60 for the 2-hour coverage.

  • In what format will the photos be delivered?

We will deliver the photos in high-resolution, ready to be printed, JPG files – 300dpi.

  • Are all the pictures post-produced?

Yes, they are. It’s a very crucial stage of the workflow and this is the stage where the photos are coming to life. It needs care, time and passion. We aim to give them the feelings that we have collected and received during your special day.

  • Do we have to include the photo book as soon as we book you?

You can decide it any time you like. There will be no fare charge from us but the supplier’s prices might change.

  • How do you deliver the videos?

We will provide you with a USB stick of your final video with bootable (DVD like) menu, personalised for you.

  • What is the quality of your videos?

Our videos are shot in Full HD quality (1920*1080).

  • What is the duration of your videos and how many you deliver?

The duration of the videos and their number depends on the package service that you have asked for and what have you planned for the day.  Feel free to contact us for more information.

  • How in advance do we need to book you for your services?

Normally, there’s no limit as long as our agenda is free.

  • How can we make sure the service will be certain?

In order to do at the best our job and to assure you our presence at the pre-arranged place, we will ask you to fill in a form and to sign the contract that we will send you via e-mail and to provide a 25% down payment.

  • Can we hold a date on stand-by?

No, you can’t hold it. But as soon as we receive another request for the same day we will update and inform you. In this specific case, the first to sign the contract and pay the deposit will receive the service..

  • How and when does the payment have to be done?

We will kindly ask you to provide us with a bank transfer via Paypal. Also, cash will be fine as you prefer. We do not accept bank checks. You’ll find the methods of payment in the contract: 25% at the booking, 60% within one week prior to the event, and the rest 15% upon delivery.

  • How can we feel protected about your service?

We will send you a contract with all the specifications within the terms of the law. The details of the services you chose, payment and delivery terms will be clear, as well as cancellation terms in accordance with the law.


OTHER questions

If you have any other questions do not hesitate to Contact us.